Bella. DarksperxDarkella. Day is Dawning. What if Bella had some backbone and did what she wanted. For a short moment it was indescribable torture, but then the man carefully pushed his jaw down and the ruby red blood hit his tongue. But life is full of unexpected surprises, and she finds herself in a post-Breaking Dawn world where the Cullens are enjoying a break from the threat of Aro's megalomaniac tendencies. They know she is something special. So OFF THEY GO! Long ago before they were turned into vampires, Carlisle and Esme Cullen were married and had a little girl. After finding out that he has cancer and his friends turn their back on him, Harry runs away to Forks Washington. But working in a nonprofit is hard, and trying to give hundreds of children a Christmas to remember even more. Please do give it a go if you're a Carlisle fan. protect myself. Jasper takes her grimoire and journals with him into his new life. The gift she has always tried her best to keep hidden! Let me know how you like it! They bicker just the right amount, play baseball, enjoy meals as a family. Bella, Edward and their families will face many problems together as new danger arises. Read to find out. She goes to school in Forks, there she m. Completed. . She was mad at first because she had to leave all her friends behind, but the summer that they moved to Forks she found weird things happening. The people of Forks all held their secrets close to their hearts, beating or not. Were all of these things.. After making a stupid deal with the devil, Eleri Winchester winds up in Hell (typical Winchester behaviour, right?). O preferirn a quien, a pesar de llevar poco tiempo, obtuvo el corazn de su querido Edward, y adems les dio una nia a quien amar. Will she be able to protect her human a (NEEDS MAJOR EDITING.) Years go by, and she spirals deeper and deeper into madness until one day, Eleri finds herself thrown into a different Hellhigh school. The fall of the Volturi and the end of Vampirekind is coming. Its me, my wife Esme and our 5 adopted teen vampires, Edward Cullen, Rosalie Hale, her mate Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen and her mate Jasper Hale. the characters in the book all belong to Stephanie Meyer Unknowingly thrust into the world of vampires after a car crash that kills her mother, Sera and her half-sister Avery begin to grow apart. Apparently Royal gets unalived and the re-alived into the Twilight universe as Bella's Slightly unhinged older sister! In the midst of secrets and mysteries, a man crashes into Spencers path, and her life will never be the same. Where did he go? Her breasts are lactating a strange shimmery golden substance. The fear of losing them just like Edward scared Harry, he refused to lose a child again, rendering him to stay inside a cold home. Of course, that was right up until she discovered the existence of vampires. Why do you ask? She goes to school in Forks, there she m Dumbledore is dead, the golden trio are planning on hunting horcruxes, and Aquila Callisto Black is sent to her muggle uncle, Charlie Swan, to hide and be as far away fr "It's rude to stare, Hale, you knew that?" Carlisle never thought he would find the one meant for him. Follow this peculiar foreigner navigate their way through this misfortunate whimsical Odyssey of horrors and gospel. Because just when you feel like it's okay to smile BAM! " , , , ,". And it would've been, if it hadn't been for Jasper Hale. (Major Changes is the SEQUEL to my story Major Issues). I can I moved from my hometown or home-city of Atlanta, Georgia to Forks, Washington. Twilight Series | Bella Swan Rosalie Hale Carlisle Cullen | Romance Vampires Love Vampire Edward Cullen Alice Carlisle Werewolves Jasper Emmett Wolf Pack . The universe gives you the middle finger! ITS NOT ALL HAPPY SMILES AND YAY THOUGH. The moment they set eyes on her, amongst the wreckage that they created, they were lost. Carlisle's Mate Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction Marilla is in an abusive relationship and after she is thrown from a second story window by her husband, she is taken to the hospital where she meets Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Nobody wants to hurt anyone here, but sometimes it's impossible for someone to leave without having their heart broken. Jasper/Bella. Nothing will stand between him and what he wants; his mate and revenge. He's there, I know he is I can feel is energyI could see his blurred figure everywherebut now Ongoing. Please consider turning it on! Winter Swan intelligent carefree who loved anything that had to do with the snow and cold weather. Or will destiny remind him of its strength? Carlisle And Bella The Doctor Save Me. Work Search: She loves her mate. Quality of one who finds comfort in darkness. But she never thought that coming back to the reservation would turn her whole life around. And revenge.He didn't know, when or where this revenge would take place. She is a star student in her community college, she's dating Jacob Black, her dad and she have the best father-daughter relationshipHow could life get any better? Human Alice Cullen. Esme and Carlisle love each other and that should be enough, but when you appear and without even meaning to, turn their lives upside down. Confused by her sudden feelings and Jasper who seems to want to be close to her, she wonders if their meeting was coincidence or destiny. Carlisle Cullen has waited over 300 years for his Mate. After a chance meeting, everything he's ever known is thrown on its axis. His mate (Klaus FF) 7 pages January 3, 2016 warriorchick. read to find out. I am the owner of this story so please don't copy or translate this work! Harry and Sirius make a strategic retreat to America. She hates vampires anyway, so it won't be hard to witness, not like prophecies other Oracles have had to see through. In that moment she knew he was hers and she was his. After their mother died during childbirth, their father ruled with an iron fist. Aro pinned her in place with his cloudy crimson eyes as he began to peer inside her mind. Trouble is, she continually finds herself slipping back into the green maw of small-town Forks, Washington. also she needs to tell Carlisle and insane Esme she ain't goin' to school. Disclaimer= Carlisle's painful past returns, Esme creates trouble ending up with his Alter Ego's reawakening after a long slumber. Dr. Drew Danvers is working a private job on a site in the Italian country side, everything seems normal until they break ground. But will they? bellabashing; magic; edwardcullen +6 more # 13. . She hates vampires anyway, so it won't be hard to witness, not like prophecies other Oracles have had to see through. He goes and gets her with permission with the Volturi with the stipulation she would be raised to be vampire. Renee was a horrible mother, with horrible taste in men, and that introduces Bella Swan early to the supernatural world. He believes he is about to make a positive impact on the mortal world, but little does he know that he is about to discover the undoing to the immortal world. Until a vampire bit her in a ballet studio and she was rescued by her boyfriends brother. They want to get Bella for power but Carlisle fines out the truth, Charlie knows that they are vampires because he is part human part . ANYTOODLES, stuff goes down and Spohia struggles to find her place amongst the Volturi while learning to balance her new life with her mates. If this is not your thing, thats cool! Leaving with the mindset Lucy would be better off without him in this beastly state. 283K 6.9K 42. OH AND FUCKWARDS GETS HIS ASS HANDED TO HIM! Besides her dad the other reason she was happy to return home was to be closer to her boyfriend Jasper Hale who she had secretly been dating for over a year and a half. Just like that her world had changed as she was pulled into the world of things that shouldn't exist. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. army doctor that knows En donde Jasper conoce a una chica que le muestra como vivir todos sus das al mximo. but she isn't a vampire, yet.After a new girl, Bella Swan arrives at school, people are starting to get attack. Carlisle Cullen is now happy that he and the others are being Bella in as there wife and he can't wait for things to be together for awlays join him and the others and Bella on there stroy of love and life together what a kids get other and they get imprinted on watch as everything else happens as your lies I'm full o Bella is a mate to all four Cullen boys. My name is Bella, and this is the story of the midnight that changed my life, and death. . Creatures galore. SEQUEL TO IN SICKNESS AND HEALTH. ", Hurt me like you used to love me like you once did. But is disaster waiting just around the corner? Most dont think about the difference there, but I do, and I know just how fucking terrible I was at that age. Cordelia (Cora) Lucy Cullen was born in on April 6, 1663, to newly married couple Lucy Cullen and a Young Carlisle Cullen. If Carlisle and his coven members were stupid enough to try to keep Major Whitlock from his true mate.well, there was little to be said for such lack of wisdom. Olivia Bloom has been dead from the minute she was born. Kairi Cullen was a child abuse victim, until she was found and adopted by her godfather, Carlisle at a young age. (We also accept donations year-round, so you are able to donate whenever is convenient for you. Everything goes amazingly well, until Harry's shitty luck rears its ugly head, and the vampires enter the chat. ], My name is Bella Mercer. [CarlislexOC] . Or in which Elias Sherwood burns and Jasper Hale likes the warmth. Who does she choose? Feeling guilty because of her special and strange ability to know when things are going bad, and she ignored it that horrible night, she returns back to Forks. Not just her, her entire family, what has Bella gotten herself into? A slightly uncomfortable smile. pain. They had been invited by Carlisle and Edward to meet the human girl that had finally captured Edward's interest romantically. Carlisle wanted to save lives with vampirism, but Gabriel saw it as a curse. She never expected to get the job as Dr. Carlisle Cullen's assistant,and she certainly never thought she'd fall in love with him. While Carlisle began learning medicine and slowly created a coven, Gabriel kept his distance. She has spent most of her days working at a local tattoo parlor and hanging around with her boss while trying to not have mental breakdowns. Evelyn Rivers blended in. But it goes a little more in Their favor this time! In the hundreds of years before the Cullens became a family, what did Carlisle Cullen do? Pourquoi Alice insiste-t-elle pour ne pas le laisser mourir ? Not wanting to abandon his brother - Gabriel followed him during the night hunt but met their doom. Slow going start and will be updated when writers block is not a problem. Protective Jasper Hale. Please consider turning it on! ITS NOT ALL HAPPY SMILES AND YAY THOUGH. ), A young noblewoman's carriage crashes in a dark, supposedly haunted forest. she knows that her godfather is trying to protect her from whatever it is, but Kairi isn't stupid, she knows it could be vampires who feed on humans attacking everyone.Can the Cullen protect Kairi and Bella from the nomad vampires? Not wanting to abandon his brother - Gabriel followed him during the night hunt but met their doom. Starting a new life in Forks was never on his bucket list. Rose had to be the one to calm me down after I flipped about 'not being OWNED by anyone' and so on and so forth. The fate of the universe relies upon its return. With a failing clothing business that causes debt to pile and stress to rise, the Sherwood family have to move from their sunny California home back to their old roots; Forks, Washington. The Cullens never return after Bellas disastrous birthday party. In his deepest and most haunting thoughts, he envisions himself as the hand pushing you to the ground, destined to crack into a thousand pieces. What happens when she finds out the supernatural exists? Ellie Newman is pulled more into the world of the supernatural that coexist in Forks, when her adoptive sister Bella Swan comes back home to live with her and Charlie. It only takes one look for them to be hooked. It seems too good to be true, and Sera finds herself drawn to Carlisle. the beautiful hand writing on the front of the letter entrancing him to pick it up. With close connections to the Volturi, Carlisle finds his only option is to run and hide to keep this secret safe. Ashlyn O'Broin moves to Forks, Washington in search of a little peace and quiet in her life. Bella/Jasper. Una mujer/Diosa con el mayor conocimiento en todo lo que es magia o sobrenatural respecta, solo para despertar en el cuerpo de una joven madre de 21 aos y reina consorte de un hombres dbil e intil a la hora de tomar decisiones, una hijastra que no respeta su autoridad como reina, por que nunca tomaria el lugar de madre de alguien que es importante para estas. Twilight Series | Romance Vampires Vampire Mate Possessive Protective Dominant Love Alice has a vision of Jasper's true mate. This is part 2 of Carlisle love story (English) At least her weird dreams make sense now! Her life is at a standstill and she is taking time to find out who she is without school. what was he to do when he found the first one. But it goes a little more in Their favor this time! Seraphina Moore, one of the best Shadowhunters ever, was transferred to Forks with her team to investigate some of the events there. A young girl with a secret all her own lives in an orphanage. She liked that she blended in.Jasper Hale was used to the stares, the suffocating emotions of confusion, interest, jealousy, envy and most of all annoyance. (A Carlisle and Bella Love Story), A Dance of Legends: A Twilight Fanfiction, One Last Time - A Bella Swan and Carlisle Cullen Fanfiction, Bella and Carlisle's love story (Completed). Just know that, in another life where I was free of lies and deceit, I would move heaven and earth just to stay alongside you.To spend a lifetime with you.Body and soul. Neither knew how to deal with the inexplicable feeling of happiness that they brought each other. Or boring Bella swan? Where do we go when we die? (Said it before I'll say it again. ***** But that day is not today. However, Sascha manages to escape way before the battle and follow Riley without being noticed, which leads to her getting tangled up with the Cullens. Thank you so much! Or the worry that came with their supernatural-filled lives. His only certainty was that it would happen, and all he had to do was plan and wait. (Said it before I'll say it again. The Blooms were great friends of the Cullens. / ! . But if she was to help them shed have to take her own. " f, g. Two systems brought together after years of suffering go through so much strife to stay together. Perhaps someone she always dreamed about. Being changed into a vampire chow will Y/N manage the new shift in life..or afterlife? I SUCK AT THESE THINGS SO PLEASE JUST TRY TO READ IT? Written in his English notebook were the following words, "Anodyne, defined as something that soothes, calms, or comforts. But what if that someone happens to be three of the most powerful vampire in the world and soon she realizes her whole world got turned upside down? Years later when Mercer feels like his daughter deserves a vacation he sends her to Forks Washington, where Bella meets a cute girl named Alice Cullen and gets pulled into a supernatural world she didnt know existed. When Esme and Edward get killed it's very hard for both Carlisle and Bella to deal with but they both know they have to pull through for the rest of the family and be there for everyone and be there for each other along the way they fall for each other this is their story find out in A New. Not to mention, a little romance as she learns what it means to be the mate of the most feared vampire in existence, the God of War. that this would be his little secret and what a secret it would become. The universe gives you the middle finger! Jasper cada da se ha sentido ms miserable sin poder mezclarse del todo como sus hermanos y siendo consumido por la culpa. To him, you resemble a fine piece of china, porcelain and delicate. If it is or youre curious, come on in and find out what the heck is going on with Bella! *DISCLAIMER*I do not own in any way Twilight, all credits of the pre-established characters, script, and storyline belong to Stephanie Meyer and Summit Entertainment.The only thing I own is Spencer Uley, any upcoming characters, and her storyline, as well as her effects in the others' storyline.